Detail of “Paffy Falls National Park” – oil on stuccoed panel – 58″ x 35″

Welcome to Paffy Dogstar’s website!

In case you didn’t know, Paffy Dogstar is the phenomenal thanatosis artist and subject of Lizz’s blog on how to effectively fail in the brutally competitive world of aspiring rock stars.

Paffy is determined to make it big in the music industry. However, along the path to fame he is constantly harassed by the competition: lounge pianist Ipaic (EE-pike), lounge singer Prickly Heart, and the Jazzperados, a demoralized jazz trio. See the Comic Strips page to find out more about these characters.

Luckily, the upside-down dog can count on the pricelessly useless and absurd advise from his two spiritual guides: Saint Lizz of Mareno di Piave, and Soplatotle, the Greek flossopher…

We must floss our thoughts daily to remove any calcified ideas building up in the crevices” – Soplatotle